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Virtual Gifts

From this site you can send someone one of many virtual gifts. You will be able to find links from which you can send a virtual dinner (don't forget desert), flowers, even a virtual porsche (now wouldn't that make a great graduation gift?!?). The best part of these links is that they're easy on the wallet.

Just think no more last minute shopping and standing in those long long lines.

Go ahead and send some....hey you can always send one to me....I would prefer my porsche to be red (hint hint)

Click below to send your virtual gifts send free online virtual flowers here
Starnet Flower: more flowers here
Virtual Florist: still more flowers here
1st Flowers: hey come on the ladies like flowers...ok no more flowers I promise
Mail a meal: try a nice romantic dinner
Virtual Dessert Machine: hey you can't send dinner without dessert
Virtual Snacks: ok dinner too much try here
Virtual Presents:
The Park: a good place for all your virtual shopping needs
Virtual Gifts- Free Family Safe electronic gifts: a virtual shopping mall you can find it all here
HORK's HOMEPAGE: click here to continue the tour (don't forget my porsche..ha ha ha)

Any other sites that should be here?
Let me know what you think. You're gonna need my , email address to send me that porsche.
Have fun shopping.

You know i need my counters. You are visitor number . Tell all those you know to come on over and shop.