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Thank you for your help it is appreciated more than you know.

All 4 Kids:
America's Most Wanted tm:
Child Cyber Search:
Cyber Pages International - Missing Children:
MECC Homepage:
Missing Children Minnesota:
NMCO, Inc.:
Polly Klass Foundation:
Missing Children...Help Center:


The world wide web can be a fun and exciting tool. It can also be a little scary as I'm sure we all know from our own experiences.

Remember the first time you clicked the wrong button and wiped out the bosses report or that term paper you were working on? Remember how terrified that made ya feel?

Imagine that fear times a million or more.

Children are abducted everyday in this world and although law enforcement agencies do do their best they can not rescue all of these inoncent little people. Please let's all assist them in helping bring families back together by clicking on the links and just taking a moment to see what we can do. You never know who you may see and if we can help one child return safely to his/her family isn't it all worth while?

It's services like this that make the web such an amazing force in our world.

Let me thank you now for checking out these links. And if your a family member of an abductee, you have my heartfelt sympathy and you are always in my prayers.

I hope this page will assist in bringing even just one child home. But it won't if you, the users, don't help.

Again thank you for your time and assistance. Together we can help bring the children home.

Please click back to my homepage and take a moment to sign my guestbook. Thanks again.

Send your comments, suggestions, and/or other links you would like to see on this page to me. The key is to get as many photos out to as many people as possible. Please forward this page to everyone a little one's well being is counting on it. Just click the icon to email me.

You are number to visit this page. It is so refreshing to see so many people care. Thank you again. HORK