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Links to ftp files brought to you by your gracious host.......HORK

One of the first thing any web designer needs is a good file transfer program (ftp).

These programs allow you to send text, images, midi files, wavs, and anything else to your web server for use in your web pages.

While most browsers have ftp programs built in it is always a plus to have a few on reserve.

Take the time to check out these links and explore the programs located on the subsequent pages.

Each is unique in its own way. I have tried most of them out myself and they have my personal recommendation.

You of course should check them out for yourself. I'm sure you will find at least one that suits your needs.

OK now here's the links.........

FTP Voyager:
Leech FTP:
Net Vampire:
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Please email me your comments and suggestions and any other FTP links so I can add them here. Thank you.



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