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HORK's links to shockwave games:

OK here ya go shockwave games. Aside of multiplayer services like Mplayer and these are my favorite types of games.

You may need to download the shockwave plug in to your browser but no need to worry these sites all have the link to download the required software.

Go ahead download it. I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed.

Just be careful I have to warn you these games are so much fun that you can and probably will become easily addicted.

If you have any links to shockwave games please email them to me I am always searching for shockwave. I can't get enough.


HORK's shockwave links

Candystand Arcade: a great assortment of shockwave games one of my favorites
Slap a Spicegirl or bash a politician:
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Please email your favorite game links to me so I can add them to the tour. Thank you.