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All Work And No Play Makes Anyone A Dull Boy or Girl Hey Gotta Be Politically Correct You Know.

Even the most serious of people need to laugh once in a while.

Well except my sixth grade teacher but he is the exception to the rule I hope.

Since you decided to visit this page i assume you like to be humored. Well I surely wouldn't want to disappoint ya. Some of the greatest jokes can be found on the web. If you don't believe me just check out the links below.

I'm sure you'll love 'em. After connecting here you'll be lol and rofl.

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These are sure to make your day

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Cool Hostnames:
Joke Room:
Karen's Humor Page:
Lighter Matters:
Mefco's Random Joke Server:
Matrix Humor Archive:
The Stupid Page:
Tina's Humor Archive:
Yuk Yuk's : you gotta check this one out !!!!!!!!!
Cosmo parody for men: hey guys check here for some awesome
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LMAO your visitor number . Hey why not share the laughs with everyone. After all its not love that makes the world go round... its laughter.

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