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OK you have viewed hundreds... no thousands.... perhaps even millions of web pages.

Some of them have made you laugh... some have made you cry... some have sparked an interest... there are those that provide information... and others that sell products the list is infinite.

But they all share one thing in common. That is the fact that they have combined to form the most amazing and immense form of media that man has and more than likely will ever see.

The amazing thing about the world wide web is its ability to accomodate everyone. The last figure I saw stated that there are currently over 20 million pages on the web and that number is growing astronomically everyday.

That many "authors" can't be wrong can they? Why not try your hand at web publishing? The links on this page and all concurrent pages here in will provide you with everything you need to design your own site.

If you doubt your abilities and would like to have your site professionally constructed make sure to check out my web authoring service. This is primarily for businesses however there will be lower rates available for personal pages and pages for non-profit and charitable organizations.

If you would like to link your homepage back here please feel free to do so. Just right click on the banner below, save it to your server and use the following code to link it back. Just remember to substitue "" with the actual file and server you chose. Also make sure to substitute all [ ] for < >

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Well on to the links. Good luck with your new page and remember although at times it can become frustrating it is always rewarding when the hit counters rise and rise and rise.

Follow these links to create your own web pages

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