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Kid's corner

Hey even the kids need a place to go. I hope you will find this page enjoyable. I plan to include some games, jokes, and maybe some interesting news about stuff you guys like.

It's been a while since I was a kid so I'm gonna need your help. This page will be under constant construction as I will be adding new links when i receive them.

This page is for you to use and enjoy but in order for it to give you all you need, you have to let me know what you want to see here.

Please email me with your requests. If you have a homepage that you want other kids to see why not send the URL to me and I'll link it here. If you like this page please feel free to link it to your's.

And for those moms and dads out there please feel free to review this site and let me know if you find anything here that you feel is offensive. I promise to do my best to make this as much fun as possible for kids of all ages.

Make sure you bookmark this page. Like I said I will be adding new links daily as they are received.

Hey take a minute and sign my guestbook. It's located on my homepage. You can either leave your comments and suggestions there or email them to me at the below address.

Thanks again for stopping by!!!!

Well here they are let me know what you think about these links.

FUNBRAIN Educational Kid's Games
Curious George's Bus Ride
george is my favorite monkey
Spiffy Page
this page sent to me by the sweetest 14 yr. old on the whole wide web
Fantastic Math Tips
Imagine the Universe
this page is sponsored by NASA
Key Trax Productions
Kid's Domain
try these online games
School House Rock
hey I remember these from when i was a kid
Aaron's Joke Page
Some real funny ones here
Bill Nye the Science Guy
this one is cool and don't forget to check out the TV show
Caspita for Kids
this one is cool check it out
Children's Joke Page
try not to laugh too loud - The web site for families
Disney......need i say more?
microsoft downloads for kids
some cool downloads from microsoft
FreeZone chat rooms for kids
this is a monitored chat room for kids only
Headbone Zone - Free Chat Rooms
chat rooms monitored for kids safety
Kid's Domain Downloads
some more downloads here
Toys 'R' Us homepage
Toys 'R' Us you know the deal on this one
search engine designed just for kids
this one doesn't need any introduction
Nick Jr.
I'm sure you know this one too
this one's for the teens
The Games Page!
more games for you!!!!!!!
Teen Living 4 God Chat
Teen Christian chat
HORK's homepage
click here to see all the other neat stuff in the tour don't forget the guest book

Send your comments, suggestions, and/or other links you would like to see on this page to me. Just click the icon to email me.

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