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All About Me

OK its only fair that I create a page to let you know a little about me. I mean after all I have asked all my friends from the web to do it so I guess I better too.

First of all I'm a 27 year old male who lives in upstate New York. Nope not the city, there really is more to New York than the city (I know that's hard to believe).

I am employed full time in a skilled long term nursing and rehabilitation facility. I really do enjoy my job. It is very rewarding to know that you have the ability to help put a smile on someone's face and make their life a little brighter.

I'm also a full time college student. I am currently planning to enroll in SUNY Oneonta (boy I should get a discount on my tuition bill for that plug) in August. My major is psychology and I plan to pursue a career as either a psychotherapist or a psychological engineer. Wish me luck I sure could use it.

I have the most wonderful mother in the world (she's both extremely supportive and understanding.....not to mention single if there are any wealthy, handsome gentlemen out there who make six digit incomes......sorry mom just trying to help), 1 brother who I'm pretty proud of. He is currently involved in a performing group called primary focus (check em out they're at, one sister who is preparing to graduate high school this June and go to college.

My best friend is named Dave. What can I say about Dave except that he is the type of friend everyone should have. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him and I'm sure he feels the same. He has a beautiful wife named Brenda and a wonderful mother named Peg.

Then of course there is all the wonderful friends I've made on the web. I'm gonna name a few but for those of you I fail to include just remind me and I'll put you in. You are all very important to me and I know I can always count on you to make me LMAO.

Ok here we go......there is quite a few so be patient with me ok

I have to start with mini and for those that know me you know why. Then there's Disney & Tech.....Kev & Chris (and sara).....Bo (and of course Jessica my favorite 14 year old on the whole wide web)...Sneaky...Rusty...Resa...Raz...4....MS (come back soon buddy we miss ya)...Tators & Yams....stovepipe... jemo... and many many more who I hope will email me to let me know that their names are not here.

______________________________________________________________________ This is for you guys:

for my best friends

Well it's time for me to go visit with my friends (you can find us in lycos chat...but you already know that because I'm sure you checked my link to chat rooms rite?) it wouldn't be right for me to keep my adoring public waiting.

Please take the time to visit my homepage and sign my guestbook there. The link is located below. Thanks.

I invite all of you to come to lycos chat and meet these people...they are the greatest guys you can meet on the web and you won't be disappointed.

Hope to see you there.



HORK's HOMEPAGE: and now back to the tour

OK let me know what you think.
Even if you think it's lame. Hey just make sure
to check out the rest of the tour. I'm sure you
find something you like.

Well your number . Thanks for letting me introduce myself and please click back to my homepage i'm sure you'll find something you like.