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Midi Files for Your Web Pages

As you have probably noticed in your travels through cyber space many of the top sites you encounter contain music.

From this page you will be able to link to many different sites where you can download and place these music files on your own pages.

Remember that these files while listed as public domain are the creations of professionals and therefore are copyrited materials. So use your own judgement when using them.

Should you choose to use them on a professional site there is a great possibility that you may be sued by the authors of the music.

I would recommend when using them to make sure that proper credit is given to the song writer and/or performers.

I personally make sure to include the title and performer of each song I use on my pages.

This however is not to be misconstrued as a guarantee from me that you won't be sued or that you won't be requested to remove them.

Should you elect to use the files on the following pages you must know that I claim neither credit for creating them nor responsibility for your use of them. Just make sure to read thouroughly all information on each page to make sure what it is exactly that you are viewing and/or using.

Now enough of that let's move on to those links.

HORK's links to midi files

A MIDI Haven:
Classy Midi:
Midi City:
MIDI Farm:
MIDI Palace 98:
MIDI Street:
The Collections:
The Midi Cafe:
The Midi City:
The Midi Factory:
The Midi-Place:
The Midi Warehouse:
The Music Odyssey:
The Punk and Metal MIDI Archives:
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Please email me your comments and suggestions and any other sound archive or other links so I can add them here. Thank you.



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