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Hello there you have just reached HORK's ring of webpages.

This site will be constantly updated as often as necessary. That is to say I will update it everyday upon receipt of appropriate URL's.

For those of you who don't know what a web ring is, it is an attempt to link together webpages to increase the number of hits to each users page. It is my intention to link only the greatest pages around.

There are a few qualifications though. Before I link any pages I will review them. Some items that will disqualify a page from this ring are (but not limited to) commercial pages and adult material.

This is intended for the enjoyment of all. I have had children email me about these pages and I refuse to subject them to that type of material. I'm not saying it doesn't have its place on the web....I'm against censorship and feel everyone has the right to express him/herself......but I don't think it has a place here.

My intention is to create an enjoyable and interesting ring of pages for all people to enjoy.

If you have a page you would like linked here just send it to me for review. I have a strong feeling that almost every page i receive will be linked here. All I ask in return is that you provide a link to this page. Not my homepage but this URL so that everyone can benifit from the increased traffic. The URL for this page is

If you enjoy seeing your page counters increase....and we all do or why would we create them...then why not email your URL to me so that it can be linked here with others or just sign in the ring guestbook located below in the list of links.

Please take a minute and click back to my hompage and sign in my guestbook. This is the guestbook for my page not for the ring. If you want me to include your page in the ring leave that message in the ring guestbook but still feel free to sign in my guestbook. Thanks for stopping by.

Let's see if we can make this one of the largest rings on the web. Together we can do it.

Remember I can't link your page if you don't email me!!!!!!

Click here to view the other pages in this ring.

The ring's guestbook: sign here to apply for membership
HORK's cyber tour: 100's of links to some of the web's greatest services and features
Disney64's world: with a name like this you know it must be special
TheBO's Place: Bo Knows!!!!!!!!
Greg Smith's page: Greg loves people to sign his guest book so come on sign it for him
DANA's Cool Graphics, Links and More: This one sure won't let ya down it's great
The Spiffey Page: check this one out it was sent to me by my favorite 14 yr old on the www
Lori's Place: a very loving and heartfelt page you have to stop here
Ringo's House : a great site dedicated to one of the greatest bands of all time...THE BEATLES
Kahren's Korner: stop here to check out Tech and Disney's page lot of cool links here don't miss this one
Whispers in the Wind: check out some of Anya's poetry here you're sure to find some that'll move ya
Welcome To Judy's Misc. Links Pages! : great page....come on send Kristen a card....... :)
Oopster's Little "How To" Page.: this page has some of the greatest links you're gonna find well worth the visit

If you're interested in joining the ring email me
Please remember to link this URL to your page
or I will be forced to remove your link from the
ring. This has to be an equal effort on the parts, of all parties to ensure optimum fairness and an equal
number of hits for all thanks again. HORK

Thanks your visitor number . Please make sure to visit all the pages in the ring.