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Talk to your friends instead of just chatting

Hey chatting is great right? You can meet a lot of nice and very interesting people. You can even make some really great friends in the many chat rooms on the net.

But have you ever wondered what they really sound like? Well stop wondering.

Just click on these links below. They will take you to download sites for several of the internets available telephony programs.

What is telephony? Telephony software enables the user to speak verbally over the internet with other users. That's right turn your computer into a phone. The best part is that most of these programs are free for the user.

So go ahead check out these links find your favorite and see how easy it is. Make sure to pass the software on to your friends. In a very short time you can be talking to them instead of just typing to them.

Well on to the links. I hope you enjoy these programs as much as my friends and I do.

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OK let's turn that computer into your new phone.

Free Tel- Talk over the net for Free:
Home page for Tribal Voice:
Intel Internet Video Phone:
Microsoft's Netmeeting: one of my favorites
Netscape Navigator's 3.0 CoolTalk:
Speak Freely for windows:
Mplayer home: this one is my favorite it's one of the best out there
back to the list of downloads from the tour:
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